Improve your health in weeks

A comprehensive programme that will dramatically improve your health.
Covering Physical Activity, Nutrition & Healthy Eating and Stress Management.
Be prepared to feel good in weeks...

  1. Reason to Join

    Make a positive impact on your health

  2. Reason to Join

    Flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle

  3. Reason to Join

    Access to comprehensive resources and up to date lifestyle information

  4. Reason to Join

    Access to a dedicated Step into Health tutor for advice and guidance

What our clients say

  • I found the course extremely useful to making changes to my life and understanding why I am doing so. I have lost some weight slowly and feel it is realistic to keep the weight off and hopefully lose more.
    Melanie Haynes , Trainer - Derbyshire Community Health Service
  • One of the outstanding features of the programme is the way it shows you how you can implement healthy eating, exercise and stress management into every day life.
    Julie Bancroft , National Planning Team - British Gas
  • The programme really helped to remind me of what I should be doing. I’m often guilty of spending my days encouraging others to be healthy (through my job) but forgetting about me.
    Helen Ward , Health Trainer - Derbyshire Health Promotion Service

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