Step into Health aims to help people of differing health and fitness levels to improve their wellbeing and empower them to achieve their own personal health objectives.

The programme focusses on three main areas: physical activity, nutrition and weight management and stress management.  The interactive Step into Health programme recognises that lack of time can often be a barrier to health improvement and so all information is available both online and in workbook format, meaning this is accessible to you at all times.

Reasons to join

1. Make a positive impact on your health

The knowledge you will gain will give you the confidence you need to take more control of your lifestyle and make improvements that will benefit your mental and physical well being


2. Flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle

All the information is available to members whenever and wherever they wish to access it.  Using the resources available to them, members can make significant steps to improve their health and lifestyle.


3. Access to comprehensive resources

All Step into Health members will be sent a comprehensive resource including up to date information about physical activity and health, nutrition and weight management and stress mamangement. This resource will also be available to download from the Step into Health website.


4. Access to a Step into Health tutor

As a Step into Health member you are given access to a tutor who can support you with the course, offer advice on setting suitable goals and help point you in the right direction for any questions or queries

5. Regular blog posts

Regular blogs on the Step into Health website will ensure that all members have access to up to date and practical advice and information 


6. Online exercise videos

Videos of a range of simple exercises which can be carried out in the home can be accessed online and as a DVD to assist members in their endeavours to become more active


7. Useful resources and links at your fingertips

All Step into Health members are able to access an ever increasing bank of online resources and useful links to support their healthy lifestyle